Earth Vibration – Perfume Oil

Earth Vibration – Perfume Oil

Earth Vibration – Perfume Oil


Embark on a transformative journey with Bodha’s Earth Vibration Perfume Oil, a living perfume that connects you with Earth’s grounding energy.

This fragrance unveils a rich, mysterious blend of warm woods, smoked resins, and forest moss, creating an earthy, woody, incense experience that inspires insight and trust.

Crafted with sustainable luxury in mind, the hand-made perfume oil features a hand-cast bronze lid, glass roller bottle, and compostable box.

Dab behind your ears, wrists, and over your heart to evoke Earth’s resonance anytime you seek grounding.

Immerse yourself in the luxurious essence of sustainable Earth connection.

15ml hand-made perfume oil
Vegan & sustainably sourced ingredients
Hand-cast bronze lid, glass roller bottle, compostable box
Made in Los Angeles

In stock

In stock

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Dab behind your ears, wrists & over your heart anytime you want to evoke Earth’s resonance.

Inspires insight & trust

Earthy, woody, incense

Frankincense Tears
Moroccan Cedar





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